Bye, Bye, Birdies...

 In July of 2010, Two Birds Casting produced an evening of shorts called Beer Don't Break Your Heart. It was our coming out party of sorts to let the community know that we were some crazy kids hoping to cast for their theatre and be a resource for actors. The event was a huge success despite having to hide all the beer in bathroom stalls, a stage manager with strep throat and the performance almost being shut down by the space’s owner. Friends, actors, collaborators, artists of all kind, came to give their support and we rode this tidal wave of excitement into our first casting opportunities with folks brave enough to hire us newbies. The community embraced us and we were off!

These past five years we have had the opportunity to work with incredible companies, directors, playwrights and actors. We have had successes, failed attempts, paper cuts and staple injuries, we have laughed so hard during an audition Erica fell out of her chair. We've had that creepy time we didn't know if it was an audition or real-life fight at a Sketchbook "Do-What-You-Want" audition, and the time we were all moved tears and had to take a break from a session. So many memories.

We have had the sacred opportunity to see these micro-plays we call auditions. Most of all, we have been inspired by the artists in this community. Your openness, your creativity, your willingness to trust, has made these years nothing short of spectacular. 

It is bittersweet that we announce that we are retiring Two Birds Casting as of September 30th, 2015. 

To find out more about where each of the Birdies are headed, who will still be freelance casting, and our updated contact information -- check out the staff bios page of our website. 

Thank you for believing in us and thank you for allowing us to take part in your art.

 With so much gratitude and love,

 Erica, Deven, Laura, Rachael and Liza

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