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About Us

Two Birds Casting is in the business of assisting theatre companies and producing entities in the casting process. Given the wealth of talent in Chicago, a committed and focused casting staff is essential to the success of every production. Two Birds Casting was created with the goal of improving the casting process for companies that may not have an in-house casting department, the resources or the time to run a complete and efficient casting session.

That’s where we come in.

With our unique approach to the casting process, 
 provides companies with a specialized service. We have crafted the casting process into an art. We advertise, coordinate, schedule and facilitate your auditions. We are committed to being familiar with the city’s vast talent pool in order to be a more comprehensive resource for theatres and companies.

We create an environment in which actors look forward to auditioning, and directors can comfortably make casting decisions. 
Two Birds Casting is not an agency; we’re simply here to improve your process and results through our involvement.

You make the decisions; let us take care of the details.

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