Two Birds Casting


(by producing company in alphabetical order)

About Face Theatre
FLOAT by  Patricia Kane, Dir. Leslie Danzig

PONY by Sylvan Oswald, Dir. Bonnie Metzgar

The Homosexuals by Phillip Dawkins, Dir. Bonnie Metzgar 

*Tiny Rooms by Carson Kreitzer, Dir. Megan Carney

*Cougar Blind by Bonnie Metzgar, Dir. Leslie Danzig

*Man In Love by Christina Anderson, Dir. Carlos Murillo

*Precious Little by Madeleine George, Dir. Dan Stermer


Collaboraction Theatre Company

1001 by  Jason Grote, Dir. Seth Bockley

Be a Good Little Widow by Bekah Brunstetter, Dir. Anthony Moseley

Dark Play or Stories for Boys  by Carlos Murillo, Dir. Anthony Moseley

60 Miles to Silver Lake by Dan LaFranc, Dir. Sarah Moeller

200 Funny Things, Ensemble Devised, Dir. Steven Irvich

Emerald City Theatre

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Adapted by Bob Penola, Dir. Jeff Frank

Immediate Theatre 

Five Flights by Adam Bock, Dir. Peter Ceiply

New Leaf Theatre

Lighthousekeeping by Georgette Kelly, Dir. Jessica Hutchinson

*Dandelion Momma by Greg Romero, Dir. Jessica Hutchinson

*How We Got On by Idris Goodwin, Dir. Steve Wilson

*Salvation Road by D.W. Gregory, Dir. Megan Smith

*What Dies Inside Us While We Live by Jessica Hinds, Dir. Krista D’Agostino     

*Untrained in Geometry by Emily Dendinger, Dir. Jessica Hutchinson

*Still Life of a Moving Picture by David Strattan White, Dir. Josh Sobel


Piven Theatre Workshop 

 The Language Archive by Julia Cho directed by Polly Noonan 

Profiles Theatre 

 AFTER by Chad Beckim directed by Matt Hawkins

The Dream of the Burning Boy by David West Read, Dir. Joe Jahraus

In the Company of Men by Neil LaBute, Dir. Rick Snyder

In God's Hat by Rhett Rossi, Dir. Joe Jahraus

Gidion's Knot by Johnna Adams, Dir. Joe Jahraus

Annapurna by Sharr White, Dir. Eric Burgher

Cock by Mike Bartlett, Dir. Darrell W. Cox

The Cryptogram by David Mamet, Dir. Joe Jahraus

The Other Place by Sharr White, Dir. Joe Jahraus

Genius by Kate Walbert, Dir. Darrell W. Cox

Signal Ensemble Theatre

East of Berlin and The Russan Play, by Hannah Moscovitch, Dir. Ronan Marra

Motion by Ronan Marra, Dir. Aaron Snook

Plainsong by Eric Schmiedl, Dir. Bries Vannon

Theatre Wit

This by Melissa James Gibson, Dir. Jeremy Wechsler

Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock, Dir. Jeremy Wechsler

The North Plan by Jason Wells, Dir. Kimberly Senior

Completeness by Itamar Moses directed by Jeremy Wechsler

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England by Madeleine George, Dir. Jeremy Wechsler

Mr.Burns, a post-electric play  by Anne Washburn & Michael Friedman , Dir. Jeremy Wechsler

Bad Jews  by Joshua Harmon, Dir. Jeremy Wechsler

The Body Project

CTA: Coming to America, Ensemble Devised, Dir. Jenny Wiener & Kira Silverstein

Windy City Playhouse

End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer, Dir. Henry Godinez

Stick Fly by Lydia Diamond, Dir. Chuck Smith

Chapter Two by Neil Simon, Dir. Jessica Thebus

The Explorers Club by Nell Benjamin, Dir. David Bell

Casting Assistance  

Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight by Peter Ackerman, Dir. Bill Brown, Windy City Playhouse

Hellcab (2014) by Will Kern directed by Darrell W. Cox, Profiles Theatre

Hellcab (2013) by Will Kern directed by Darrell W. Cox, Profiles Theatre

Hellcab (2012) by Will Kern directed by Darrell W. Cox, Profiles Theatre  

The Kid Thing by Sarah Gubbins, Dir. Joanie Schultz, About Face Theatre                                                            

Dental Society Midwinter Meeting (Remount), by Laura Jacqmin, Dir. Megan Schuchman, 16th Street Theatre   

Tragedy: A Tragedy, by Will Eno, Dir. Jeremy Wechsler, Red Tape Theatre

MilkMilkLemonade by  Joshua Conkel, Dir. Cassy Sanders, Pavement Group

Apocalypso! by William Donnelly, Dir. Timothy Bambara, Point of Contention

All Girls Love Bobby Kennedy by Kristen Palmer, Dir. Rachel Staelens, Point of Contention

Powerless: Issues 1-3, by Mitch Salm and David M. Brent, Dir. Jack Tamburri, Society of Young Superheros

Understudy Casting 
The Twins Would Like to Say, Ensemble Devised, Dir. Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo, Dog & Pony  

Festival Casting
Sketchbook XII, Collaboraction Theatre Company
Sketchbook XI,
Collaboraction Theatre Company
Sketchbook X, Collaboraction Theatre Company
Sketchbook: REVERB,
Collaboraction Theatre Company
XYZ Festival 2012 
About Face Theatre
XYZ Fall 2010 
About Face Theatre
ChAos New Play Festival 2011, Point of Contention
ChAos New Play Festival 2010, Point of Contention
Element New Plays Festival

Event Casting
Subway, Experience Design  
Fashion Mash, Experience Design 
Chicago Tribune’s Chronicles of the Cursed, Experience Design    

Stockyard Magazine

A Wish Your Heart Makes, Prod. Kristen Broadwell (Festival Submission - Short)

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